Innovative programming that highlights real people with amazing stories.

We develop and produce content across all major media platforms - focusing on authentic and original programming that resonates with the audience.

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The Minds Behind Mad Fusion

  • Danielle Weiss Medina
  • President & Executive Producer

    Danielle Weiss Medina is an Emmy Award-nominated producer who has produced more than 150 hours of content on subjects including pop culture, pro-social topics, politics, current events, lifestyles and more.

    She specializes in creating non-fiction series, and is an expert at developing and producing thought-provoking, entertaining and authentic programming that resonates with viewers.

  • Jan Medina
  • Founder & Chairman

    After more than a dozen years on Wall Street, Jan decided to blaze a more creative path and launched Mad Fusion, where he utilized his previous experience in the research and investment worlds to produce a mixture of content that is technically savvy and always entertaining.


    Mad Fusion prides itself on bringing cutting-edge programming to the television landscape. Whether it’s informative, hilarious or totally outrageous, one thing’s for sure - it gets people talking!


    Creating content for the web is right up our alley! Highly stylized and full of fun, our original series “Mod Men” has been a huge hit on YouTube and our “Mom Shopping Network” parody shorts for have done so well, they also now run on-air.

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